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Newcomer 2019
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Due to the intensifying situation and the sharp increase in corona infections, the Baden-Württemberg state government passed a legal ordinance on Monday (16 March 2020) on infection-protection measures (Corona Ordinance). According to this ordinance, all meetings and events with more than 100 participants are prohibited until 15 June 2020.

Therefore we have to cancell COSMETICA & GUT zu FUSS Stuttgart 2020.


20th company anniversary

A successful concept for trade fairs is celebrating its anniversary

KOSMETIK international Messe GmbH  was established in January 1, 2000.

Actually the team of 10 organizes COSMETICA trade fairs at following locations: Stuttgart, Hannover, Frankfurt and Berlin. In addition we organize the akzente at Sindelfingen.

Our trade fairs

Impressions of COSMETICA Berlin 2019

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